Sophie’s Story

“It may seem trivial to some, but how you feel in your clothes can colour your whole day. Having confidence in yourself is a collection of all the little things, and what you wear is a small but vital part of that. I believe the first way to do that is to make sure everything you wear fits well, and for anything above the every-day, the very best way to do that is have it custom made.”


My initial interest in clothing was through costume. It fascinated me that the right clothes would transport you into any world, so when I realized at a young age that there were people designated to do that, who did that for a living, it was a no-brainer.
I love design, envisioning something out of nothing, but always believed it was imperative to know how to put something together if you want to design and create something incredible. So with a Foundation in Fashion and Textiles, and degrees in both Costume Construction and Costume Design, I learned the art of shape and fit, and the technique to design with a flourish.


This costume-based approach has been invaluable to the art of wedding couture – multiple garments created in a cohesive look to compliment any event theme, and it brings me endless joy to turn a part of a bride’s vision for the day into reality.
This background is also what inspired me to start offering people assistance on the day itself, giving the wedding party an added layer of security that there will be someone skilled on hand should any clothing mishaps occur. Personally though, it also gives me immense pleasure seeing my contribution become part of the bigger picture.

A Little Extra

Outside of day-to-day work, I still occasionally work on sets, have given tutorials on basic sewing techniques and how to put a garment together, and I make organic cotton baby clothes because, well, they’re adorable. I have been a volunteer for Fashion Revolution, an organization doing great work bringing awareness to the waste, pollution and labour atrocities prevalent in the fast fashion industry, among many other things.
I also love to paint and draw, particularly people, which is incidentally an added facet to what I can offer to any special occasion, and so I do occasionally get to do that outside of my free time too. See Gifts if you’re interested, and get in touch.
I’d love to hear from you if you have any queries at all.