The Weeping House

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Browns Pharmacy

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Great Gatsby Costume Party

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The Travellers – Hafi Paci Kuluri

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Costume Party – Tinkerbell

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Ivan Ipertenso

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Agent Carter Replica

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King Kong Cloche Replica

8a 8b

Titanic Full Brim Replica

8c 8d

Showgirl Butterfly Headdress

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Greed Imagining


60s Poster Art Tshirt


20s Wedding Dress


Regency Day Dress


Arwen Film Replica


Galadriel Stage Play Replica


Elizabethan Jacket


The Tudors Replica


Captain Cook Excursion – London Olympics Cultural Olympiad


Silk Spectre I Replica


Silk Spectre II Replica


Design Work – Witch Child


Rococo Mardi Gras